Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

Cultural Identity training which will include cultural exposure, resiliency training and Social Emotional Learning to help students respond differently to racial injustice.

Advocacy services for, with, and on behalf of high school students who experience racial slurs, micro-aggressions, and  racial injustice during the course of the school day.

Pathways— will help students get a 2-year degree or a 1-year certificate from community college while still in high school. Students will do paid internships each year. BLACKS’ SUCCESS program will assist students so they can be prepared to take on getting a degree or certificate while in high school. This preparation will give students a more equitable start to life after high school.  

Support–BLACKS staff, partners, and/or volunteers will attend performances, events, activities and/or sports students participate in for support.  Students will be encouraged to support one another as well. Students will support Black or BIPOC organizations and events by doing community service (40-80 hours a year) at local Black or BIPOC organizations so they can see people who look like them in positive roles.